Get in touch with us!

We do not offer a general pricing plan for connectanum. Prices dependent on how you want to use the product and how big your company is. Feel free to ask for a free licence if you need connectanum to use for an academical or equal purpose.

We offer the following services for our customers:

Connectanum Licence

This will either include only a jar file or an account to our git repository with full open source access. Please describe in your email how you want to use connectanum and if the project is commercial or not.


Implementation Support

You may need a consulting with the product implementation or server setup. We can analyze your current system and show you how to implement connectanum into your software or setup a server environment.


Feature Request

You may wish us to implement some modules to make connectanum fit your needs. Nothing is impossible! We can most probably implement custom authentication methods, translate from other protocolls and more.